Healing Waters Grief Therapy

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The Uncertainty of Tomorrow

Our grief counselors understand the pain and agony of losing a loved one.  If you are experiencing grief from a spouse, child, parent, grandparent, sister, brother, any other family member or close friend the road can be extremely difficult to travel. Even waking up or getting out of bed can sometimes be overwhelming. Not knowing where to turn or how to get help can make tomorrow uncertain.This is the reason, "Healing Waters Grief Therapy" was birthed.     

Grief Group & Support

Grief Counseling & Depression

Unbearable Pain & Sorrow

Grief Support -You are not alone, we are here to assist you on the path to recovery.  We know

it looks dark right now but there is light waiting for you and you will find it. 

Family Grief Counseling

Grief & Uncertainty

Our Grief Counselors will help you navigate through uncharted waters such as assisting children or other family members with their grief process.

Freedom from Grief

Healing & Restoration

Grief Counseling & Therapy

Healing is a process and we can assist you in the process of receiving healing and restoration.