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Christian Grief Counseling, Novi, MI 248-781-8000

Bettie Williams, MA, LPC, CCTP

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

Grief Counseling Specialist, Motivational & Mental Health Speaker

Group & Individual Therapy

Depression, trauma, loss, anxiety, fear, sleep loss, crying

Evangelist Bettie Williams, MA, LPC, CCTP, mission is to reach as many wounded as possible and assist them to a path of peace and ultimately joy. She has traveled this difficult and rocky path herself, and understands the crippling effect of grief, trauma, loss,depression, anxiety and devastation. She implements a clinical approach with spiritual truths. Clients go on a journey of self-discovery which ultimately leads to healing. By using a client centered approach, recovery from grief can be a lot sooner than later. Alpha-Stim Therapy is available.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, she encourages you to call: Grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, helplessness, sleeplessness, crying spells, can't focus, anger, or resentment.

248-781-8000 Direct Office Line

All types of grief can be crippling such as divorce, loss of a pet, death, job loss, caregiver, end of life, financial, bankruptcy, relationship loss, empty nest, and plus much more, Get the help you need today.

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