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Grief Counseling & Therapy

Healing Waters Grief Therapy digs deep into the root of grief. We believe the Word of God is true, infallible and complete healing must encompass the mind, body and spirit. Clinical application is a vital element of treatment, however we always incorporate spiritual truths during your journey to recovery.

We invite Jesus into our sessions and allow the Holy Spirit to lead the path as we make the journey from mourning to joy.  

We are not affiliated with any one denomination or church. All are welcome. 

Why Us?

If you believe healing and restoration involves incorporating and exploring faith then, "Healing Waters Grief Counseling," is right for you. We explore spiritual truths while incorporating clinical based treatments plans. We understand it is ok to question and search for answers. Even if you are questioning your faith, we are still an excellent fit for you. Grief is mind boggling and a confusing time in most peoples lives.  

It is normal for many people during the grieving process to experience any one or more of these paralyzing feelings of confusion, anger, guilt, anger, frustration, bitterness, anxiety, and overwhelming pain, however we will help you sort out these feelings so you can begin the healing process and recovery. 

We understand no two people grieve the same, each person has an unique set of surrounding circumstances and grieves for different lengths of time. So every individual is treated according to their own particular needs.

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