Healing Waters Grief Therapy

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Dedicated In Loving Memory of Sylvester L. Williams Jr.  

Sept. 4 1981 - Jan. 13 2014

This website and Healing Waters Grief Counseling was birthed from the immense pain from losing my only son.  He went to meet a woman on a social media website and never returned home.  He was robbed and brutally killed.  When his death occurred I looked everywhere for a counselor who incorporated biblical principals with clinical applications, and who accepted insurance.  This was like looking for a needle in a haystack, I called everywhere! I visited several who said yes, we incorporate biblical principals only to find out the counselors knew very little about spiritual truths.  I found only one individual and she is Dr. L.A. Barlow.   The Lord gave me a vision to set up counseling services which would direct others to draw closer and look towards him for healing.

After two years of receiving counseling under Dr. Barlow  and returning to school at Ashland Theological Seminary to get my counseling license, God led me to start these services, under the leadership of Dr. L.A. Barlow.   She was excited to incorporate, "Healing Waters Grief Counseling" into her private practice. The Lord also led me to Rev. Ella Hardy who traveled a similar road, and who was also completing her Masters at Ashland to be a partner in this vital mission.  To God be the Glory!  The Lord is using my son's story, my immense pain, and my journey to recovery to reach out to others who are traveling on their own road of grief and assist them with compassion back to a state of peace and eventually joy through the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe and stand firmly I will see my son again and have all eternity to spend with him along with other loved ones.  

Evangelist Bettie Williams

                                                                 Counselor Intern